Words of Wonders (WOW)

Welcome to Words of Wonders! In this wonderful crossword puzzle game, where you will explore the secrets and magnificent cities hidden in the Seven Wonders of the world by going on a world journey, all players will develop a treasure of words and spelling skills.

You’ll start the WOW world with a few letters as a unique clue, test your intelligence to write and create new words from scratch, and your vocabulary will connect all the words you find to achieve the ultimate puzzle solution. Do you want to master this game of word treasure? Sometimes, when you create word game links, you will find the solution immediately, because the answer will stand in front of you. But sometimes you also have to guess the solution, as the vocabulary will be missing words that will create links. WOW crossword puzzle (sentence square puzzle) world game is the perfect entertainment tool to improve your search, writing, learning, combining and problem solving skills.

Every puzzle you solve and every challenge you may encounter, word for word, puzzle puzzle means a world journey where you will explore the Seven Wonders of the world. Connect all the letters and travel to a new country to find the final solution! Can the word game crossword puzzle (sentence square puzzle) be a better way to get a wide vocabulary through learning new words and explore the world?

How will you use a crossword puzzle (square puzzle riddle) strategy? Vocabulary by guessing you can solve the puzzle at first glance or find the words one by one. Let’s see what city comes out of the draw. Travel all cities one by one in this amazing puzzle game! puzzle sentence!


How many words do you know that you can find by creating a connection between the letters? Push the boundaries of your Alphabet. These challenging puzzles, which require a wide vocabulary, will determine your vocabulary, how you combine it, and whether you can do enough good research to solve the riddle.


Similar to number games like Sudoku, but featuring words of letters instead of numbers, this puzzle game will combine the skills needed to solve riddles by finding words. To advance to the next levels, you will need to master the vocabulary of the word game. WOW, enjoy this puzzle world with words and sentences.


Enjoy the game with World Travel, where you will set out for the Seven Wonders of the world. Connect letters, find words, and improve yourself using your knowledge and strategy skills. Each monument is unique, and you have to guess a different letter in each artifact. Not only will you learn new words and get a wide vocabulary, but you will also go quite far in learning what a beautiful place the puzzle of the world is! Can you create a secret sentence? This fun puzzle game is both harder and more fun than the classic easy crossword puzzle (square puzzle puzzle) games!


In the Words of Wonders (WOW) puzzle game, your treasure of words will also be tested as you explore wonders filled with challenging levels. Find the hidden words on the board by creating links between all the letters without lifting a finger!


Increase the fun by playing with your friends. Create a powerful team of up to 4 players to find all the words, or compete with your friends on each board. The simple interface will allow you to launch the multiplayer game in one second.

Enjoy a wide range of levels and puzzles that will allow you to have more fun during the game with the simple and beautiful puzzle game design!

Words of Wonders is an educational word game from the makers of Wordz. Crossword puzzle (square puzzle) let the adventure begin! Enjoy this puzzle world with words and sentences.