Quick and Direct Message Send For Whatsapp

Now you can easily send any message to the number, attach files, send photos or videos and you don’t have to add unwanted numbers to you contact list. It will save you from getting your contact list all cluttered up, which can be very confusing, especially when you are in a hurry.

◉ Features:
1) WhatsApp Direct – You can send message and media directly in WhatsApp without saving contact
2) No need to save a Contact – No need to save a number in Contact, directly add/select number and Send
3) Select number direclty from Call logs – Just select number from recent call logs and send a message
4) Free to use – The app is totally free to use and you can add unlimited numbers to your WhatsApp without saving them.
5) Easy to send a message

◉ How it works:
1. Select a WhatsApp number
2. Enter text message
3. Tap “SEND” to send a message
4. You can attach media from WhatsApp app’s attach button.