The LinkedIn app allows you to easily connect with people and things that matter to you in your professional world. Build and nurture your professional network, get the latest business and industry news, and find your dream job.

It starts with your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile is more than a professional resume — it shows the world who you are and what you have achieved in your career. But this is just the beginning:
* Search for people, jobs, companies, and groups
* Get updates from people, publishers, and companies that are important to your professional success
* Create your professional brand and tell your story with your professional profile
* Improve your professional profile from practice to make your resume better wherever you are
* Improve your professional network and maintain communication
* Contact people and view their professional profiles
* Share articles to become a thought leader
* Track companies to get job postings, job updates, and recommendations for people you know
* Upgrade your account to LinkedIn Premium via the app