FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile is not only fun to build your own team, but also to grow your own team,
It is designed to focus on the performance of the players through actual control.

FIFA Mobile is licensed under its own brand
Regular live squad updates are available, and you can see real clubs and players!

■ Mobile-optimized operation sense
FIFA Mobile supports both gesture mode and button mode in addition to automatic and manual operation.
Choose the right mode of operation to play freely!

■ Various systems for players and items can be acquired
FIFA Mobile offers a variety of content that allows you to win items and players.
Use a variety of routes to grow and value your team and players fluidly!

■ Various play modes to suit your taste
Attack mode, where you only proceed to attack, simulation League where you lead a team as a coach, etc.
You can enjoy football the way you want to suit your own taste!

■ Realistic transfer market, players exchange system
Using the transfer market, you can freely buy/sell any player you want.,
Holds for players to use need for the team as a player, you can exchange!

FIFA Mobile December update item

1. All PvP, PvE mode in tackling success after the ball is rolling the streets narrowed in live for tackling success rate slightly upward has been.
2. Improved Player Switching in all PvP and PvE modes more smoothly.
3. Normal mode, attack mode, Manager Mode on in time(day, night, sunset) – selection is possible.
4. PvE mode, Normal mode, attack mode, Manager mode commentary has been added. You can select Settings > match commentary > download commentary > enable or disable.
5. Added camera angles for normal mode, manager mode only.
6. 2 new attack mode kick-off situations have been added. One of the three situations is randomly assigned and the attack mode is started.
7. Fixed an intermittent stop during attack mode free kicks.
8. Fixed an error that reentry into attack mode after Game end → reconnect during attack mode progress. However, if one minute and 30 seconds elapse after the attack mode ends, you will not be re-entered into the match.
9. Improved Manager Mode AI.
11. New animations have been added to the pre-match entry screen, halftime, and end-of-Match screens.
12. Experience improved graphics(60 FPS)over the live arena. You can set it in Settings > graphics. (However, automatic play will be switched to 30 FPS, and automatic play will be switched to 60 FPS.)
13. The post-processing function in the on-screen settings menu allows you to experience the game’s color, ground effects, and player precision with improved graphics. However, if you change the settings of the game restart is required.
14. Screen in the settings menu of the crowd precision no/normal/precision to change it.
15. If the game runs on a low-spec device, the game will automatically run with the low option. Meet the minimum specification to work on devices that do not function.

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