Block Craft 3D

Do you like construction games?
Block Craft is a new simulation game for anyone who wants to build their own city.

Download this free 2018 game now!
Start building your best constructions and show the world how you play online games.

* Construction game: numerous different constructions. Who will have the best building?
* Fun game: it’s fun to play with animals in the village!
* Interesting: visit the city your friends built; multiplayer mode is very interesting!
* One of the best simulation games: start building your home and meet your neighbors.
* Plenty of pixels: enjoy custom pixel graphics.
* Free game: play for free! You can even earn some jewelry by selling your buildings.
* Choose your character: fashion dresses? This game has everything!
* Amazing constructions: a house with a room and kitchen? Or do you want to build a 20-seat chateau or even a football stadium?
* Multiplayer game: you can play Online and help your friend with construction work!
* New: Tame Animals and play with them!

Block Craft 3D: great fun to play the free simulator game.
You can have interesting furniture of your own: there’s nothing better than this!
Building your own city is an addictive game: you’ll never want to play other games!
Why pay for a mobile version game when you can play the best new games as a full version?

Amazing buildings
Ready! Block! Begin! Learn the game by building your own house, a school or a mine…
Decorate your building with your own furniture with its own coverings: this is your city, you can do whatever you want! When you’re ready, you can start building amazing structures: the Eiffel Tower, an airplane!

Plenty Of Pet
Are you tired of people? Play with the pets! Own a dog, a cat, a horse and even an elephant!

Visit friends
Start exploring! You can visit cities built by your friends (or enemies)! Whose village is the biggest? Check if they’ve finished their New Castle and help them-they’ll pay back that favor later! It’s fun to play multiplayer!

Create and sell
There is no need for modes, launcher or PE in Block Craft. You can create custom blocks, custom furniture or a full detailed project of a building! Even better: sell them and get lots of jewelry!

Block Craft is a game that doesn’t require a wireless connection: you can play this simulation game both online and offline.

Block Craft 3D free simulator game is offered to you by Fun Games for free, the creator of the most beautiful games such as Flight Simulator 3D, Sniper 3D and Sniper Shooter, which have been downloaded 100+ million times.