Avakin Life

Socialize, explore and compete in the vibrant three-dimensional world of Avakin Life.

Get new ones as you wander around with old friends in wonderfully designed three-dimensional circles. Explore a constantly updated world where you can visit every location you see. Personalize and decorate where you live to reflect your personality. Turn your apartment into a private meeting place or invite the world to have a party in your apartment. If you’re aiming for high ranks, you’ll have to work very hard. Only the best apartments occupy the top ranks.

Bring your Avakin to life with new furniture, circles and avatar animations that are regularly updated… Avakin Life!

Avakin Life presents:
* Free three-dimensional game
* Freedom to move, explore and get emotional
* Have fun with new and old friends
* Refresh your apartment’s furniture and decor
* Socialize with friends in your apartment or their apartment
* Ratings and rankings for the best apartments
* Regular updates to expand environments and animations